Verticals Served at SpotOn Software

SpotOn has gathered an expertise in various verticals listed below. Mobile apps can fit various different business models. Apps can be used as primary revenue generators - either with a one time cost or a subscription model. Apps can also be used as a marketing platform for your actual service/product. Apps can also serve as an add-on to the existing technology stack of your product/service.
Media Content Delivery

  • Deliver your audio, video content to your end users on the fly - on their mobile/tablets.
  • Monetize your assets directly from users' handheld devices
  • Earn revenues using In App Purchases, Payment Gateways & Carrier Integration
Mobile Social
  • Engage your consumers using social platforms on handhelds.
  • Create communities around user base and brands.
  • Send alerts, notifications, goodies directly to the users' devices.
Resource Tracking & Monitoring
  • Track your assets from robust & reliable mobile applications.
  • Monitor your resources anytime, anywhere.
  • Follow your assets in real time on maps.
  • Develop a new offering for your existing monitoring product.
Enterprise Applications
  • Extend your infrastructure and services for enterprise users without compromising on security.
  • Improve efficiency, reduce operational delays by making your workforce mobile.
  • Make your products/services available on newer platforms.
  • Outsource Mobile App Development. Focus on your core competencies.
Local Search & Navigation
  • Make your data available on newer platforms.
  • Provide users with a searchable interface to your geo spatial data.
  • Enable mapping and navigation features for users.
  • Allow tourists to discover your places of interest on the fly.
Games & Augmented Reality
  • Attract your end users to state of the art Games.
  • Create a Close To Real, Rich user experience.