Server Software Development Services

BI, Analytics & Reporting

SpotOn helps customer envision, design, prototype, develop, enhance and deploy their Analytics components. Services offered under this umbrella include:

  • Recommendations for the most suitable Tool
  • Report Development
  • Aggregation Engine, if required, to optimize the reporting platform
  • Monitoring and Support
Database Apps
High Performance & Scalable platforms

Architects at SpotOn help our customers design and develop products that are highly scalable, optimizaed and that handles tons of data in various formats. Technologies and platforms include:

  • Database Design, Database application development and optimization
  • Search Indexing techniques, design and development
  • Big data tools e.g. Hadoop
LBS Apps
Location Based Services development

SpotOn has developed various products in the area of Location based services. Technologies and platforms:

  • Co Location queries using various Geo-enabled databases
  • Development of map components using custom or open source map servers
  • Integrated with other platforms - e.g. Mobile Apps - to provide end user access